EPFO SMS Service UAN Activated Success Meaning
EPFO SMS Service UAN Activated Success Meaning

EPFO SMS Service UAN Activated Success

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You will receive an SMS to your mobile device stating “EPFO SMS Service UAN Activated Success” after activating your UAN on the UAN member site. The next step is to use the lost password option on the UAN site to create a password.

You may use your UAN and password to log in to the UAN member portal website after generating the password. There are a variety of online PF services available, including PF transfer, PF withdrawal, and KYC connection, among others.

You can get your most recent PF passbook on the PF passbook site even if you use the same UAN and password.

How to Make a PF UAN Number Active

You may activate your UAN in two ways: first, using the UAN Portal, and second, by sending an SMS to 7738299899.

Using the UAN Member Portal to Activate UAN

Step 1: Go to the UAN member portal and select Activate UAN from the essential links area.

Step 2: Then type in your UAN (or) PF (or) PF connected Aadhar (or) PAN number.

Step 3: Type your name and date of birth as they appear on your EPF account, as well as your cell phone number that you want to link to your PF account and the captcha. After you’ve entered all of your information, select the Get Authorization Pin option.

Step 4: Now input the OTP that was sent to your phone number and check the box that says I accept. Finally, enable the UAN option by clicking on validate OTP.

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How can I activate my UAN through SMS?

Type EPFOHO ACT “12 Digit UAN” “PF Member ID” in the SMS field to activate your UAN number.

Example: EPFOHO ACT 10090XXXX456 GRVSP00780XX0000000123

Send the aforementioned SMS to the 07738299899 number, and you’ll get a message on your phone saying “EPFO SMS service UAN enabled success” in 1 to 2 minutes.

UAN activation SMS not received?

Even if you do not get the OTP, your UAN may be activated. To check if your UAN is activated or not, go to the UAN member site and click on the lost password option.

If you can set a password, your UAN has been activated; otherwise, it has not. In that case, try activating it once again.

To activate my UAN, which phone number should I use?

You can use any of your mobile numbers if your employer did not link your PF account to your mobile number during the PF registration procedure; otherwise, you must provide the mobile number that is linked to your PF account.

Why is it necessary to activate the UAN?

To use online PF services such as PF transfer, PF withdrawal, pension withdrawal, KYC connection, and downloading your PF passbook, you must first activate your UAN. You can’t perform any of these things without first activating the UAN.

What should I do now that my UAN has been activated?

You must create a password using the lost password option on the UAN member page after activating your UAN.

How can I get my PF balance through SMS?

To obtain your PF balance data by SMS, type EPFOHO UAN BAL and send this SMS to 7738299899 using your PF linked cell number.

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