How to Check PF Balance with Old PF Number
How to Check PF Balance with Old PF Number

How to Check PF Balance with Old PF Number

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If you have a query “How can I check my PF balance if I have an old PF number?”

To check your PF balance using your old PF number, phone 01122901406 (or) text “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899 (or) first discover your UAN using your previous PF account number and then download your PF passbook using the UAN.

1. How to Determine an Old PF Balance Based on a Missed Call

Simply make a missed call from your PF registered mobile number to 0112290106, and you will receive your PF balance data as a text message on your phone within 1-2 minutes.

2. How to Find Out Your Old PF Balance Via SMS

Send this SMS to 7738299299 from your PF registered cellphone number, and you will receive your PF balance data in 1-2 minutes.

Add these numbers after UAN to receive your PF data in your regional languages.


However, in order to get PF balance information through missed call (or) SMS, your mobile phone must be linked to your PF account; otherwise, you will not receive your PF balance information.

Previously, EPFO had a website where EPF members could check their PF balance simply by inputting their PF member ID; however, that website has been replaced by the EPF passbook portal, which requires your UAN in order to view your PF balance.

Fortunately, if you have your PF number (old or new), you must first locate your UAN. Once you have your UAN, you may link your mobile phone to your PF account and see your balance.

3. How can I figure out my UAN number from my PF account number?

Step 1: Go to the UAN member portal website and select the option to “Know Your UAN.”

Step 2: Next, input your phone number, type the captcha, and then click on the OTP button.

Step 3: Enter the OTP that was sent to your phone number and confirm it.

Step 4: Next, provide your name, date of birth, and PF member ID.

Step 5: Now input the information for your PF account number.

Step 6: Finally, input the captcha and choose Show my UAN from the drop-down menu. Your UAN is now visible on the screen.

Read on to learn more about how to locate a lost UAN.

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How to Change Your PF Number Format to the New PF Number Format

Step 1: If your PF number looks like this: MH/92678/09XX5, it’s in the old PF number format; to convert it to the new PF number format, visit the EPFO establishment search page.

Step 2: Type the captcha and click on search after entering your firm name in the name of the establishment area. (There is no need to type in the establishment code.)

Step 3: Now look for your firm in the list and look for the establishment id. To do so, put your previous PF number’s last 5 digits with two zeros in front of it.

The former PF number in this case is MH/92678/09XX5.

KDMAL00926780000009XX5 is the new PF number format.

Read on to learn more about the format of your PF number: Learn more about the PF number format.

To summarise, either your cell phone must be linked to your PF account (or) you must know your UAN in order to know your PF amount. These are the only options available right now. So pay attention to the steps above and keep track of your PF balance.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

1. How can you tell the difference between the old and new PF number formats?

New PF account numbers include five parts: region code, office code, establishment code, establishment extension, and employee PF member id, whereas old PF account numbers only have three parts: state code, establishment code, and employee PF member id.

2. Can I use my PF account number to check my PF amount online?

No, you can’t check your PF balance online only by entering your PF account number.

3. What is the procedure for reactivating my previous PF number?

To activate your old PF number, first locate your UAN and then activate that UAN using the UAN portal’s activate UAN option. (By activation, we mean that you may create a password for your PF account so that you can use the UAN site to access online services.)

You may now give your UAN and move your previous PF account to your new PF account (or) withdraw your old PF amount if you start a new employment.

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